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Maluca || Trigger

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now my classmates in my history of latinos in the us course think i’m a pothead cause i had my hand raised to answer some questions and twice in a row when my prof called on me i completely forgot what i was gonna say…. like no guys i’m not a pothead. i was just drinking before class ok

Carolina Contreras, the founder of Miss Rizos, and her crew !!!



Blackness tethered to manhood, cisgender, and heteronormative class rehabilitation can never imagine revolution.


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El Mayor Clasico || Ratrero (Respuesta para El Alfa)

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sorta-rican-girl these kids don’t how important our afro caribbean/afro diasporic music is! and when we try to show them and let experience how great it is, they don’t appreciate shit either! like fuck ya then lol

sorta-rican-girl now i know i’m not meant for the college dorm life if these are the type of ppl i’m gonna be around. they were just sitting there and talking shit, which would be enough with the right ppl, but these weren’t the right ppl at all. y ya yo tenia un romo en la cabeza. yo no taba pa quedarme sentao no!

it could of been worst. when i got to the area there were a bunch different parties going on and i was seriously worried my friend invited me to a party full of yt ppl, like all i saw was annoying preppy looking yt kids. i wanted to turn back. but lucky me i was just in front of the wrong dorm building/house/whatever

i’m so happy i go to my little community college here in the bronx. i went to this “party” with my friend in the colombia uni area and the kids there were so weird and awkward, and nobody was dancing either. they were friendly, tho, but still kinda annoying. and these were black and brown kids, so i could only imagine how annoying the yt ppl are there



watching “how to get away with murder” made me realize debate team logic is lawyer logic is public relations logic.
what is right, fair or humane has no bearing. its just what does it look like, how can i spin it, how can i discredit, how can i win no matter wtf justice actually is. its just normalized sociopathy.
and this is what people call intelligent discussion.

Why I gave up on the idea of becoming a lawyer. Precendent is everything in our justice system…and if the precedent is dishonesty, racism and oppression…well.

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