y quién necesita un título

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i went to the bank to apply for a debit card, but i couldn’t do shit since my permit was expired. but i rite aid and found these cool visa gift cards, which was great cause i didn’t wanna use any prepaid cards again


Bell Hooks talked about people like pharrell in the night vision Q&A I remember she spoke about the rise of the liberal individualism climbing so high up the status quo that they separate themselves and believe they transcend their blackness and their individual success is a testament to race not being a factor anymore

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oh wait no i was confused, mine is just attached to my debit card and not my actual account. sorry i can’t help

it’s ok, yve. thanks anyway


i think you can just link pay pal to your bank account, at least that’s what i did (i don’t have a credit card either). do you have a debit card?

no, i don’t. but i do have my pay pal link to my bank account, tho. i just don’t know what to do from them?

tickets for the kelis us tour just went on sale. so now i need to get my hand on a credit card


aw man i like rihanna’s little booty not every black girl gotta have a donkey butt shoutouts to the slim thick shordies with the cupcakes in the back i’m checkin for u

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Lagos Night

Briefly recapping my night out in Lagos, Nigeria and watching the interaction between a Nigerian prostitute and a foreigner. It’s not an uncommon sight, but I suppose having interacted with the man first hand (he works for my friend’s father) and him revealing his viewpoint as a white man clearly still feeling superior in a black man’s land; it was just left a very bitter taste in my mouth to watch this beautiful, young black woman be handled by him….

Similarly in the Port Harcourt area where there are a lot of oil refineries and where there are white expat enclaves, this is standard. Many young girls are sadly trying to land a rich white man so they can be taken care of. There are also some who become housegirls, cooks or cleaners for them, but there is a sexual arrangement in exchange for providing them with employment, food and shelter. It’s desperation and crippling poverty. School fees are expensive, and you know in Nigeria, some parents can’t afford to send all their children to school, so it’s usually the oldest who gets an education. If it’s between a boy and a girl, then the boy will be the one sent to school. With the girl, they figure she will find someone to marry her.

It’s a double whammy really. The multinationals these white expats work for like Shell, Chevron, Agip etc have destroyed the Niger Delta with oil exploration. The way many supported and sustained themselves is gone because of pollution. People are desperate, and desperate people will do anything. So after the employers of these expats have decimated these places after decades of exploitation, they now come for cheap sex. No matter what the sex workers are getting paid in Naira, it is cheap when compared to the Euros and Dollars expat workers get paid in. The rate for sex is always affordable for a white expat. This is why they are there.

Most of these girls start out young. Some places are worse than others. I’m sure you know that Calabar is pretty popular with white tourists. They love talking about the scenery, the culture and beaches. The new thing is the Calabar Carnival. Yes, that’s it, old white men are coming to Nigeria for Carnival. I hope no one believes that. If anyone believes old white men are flocking to Calabar for beaches, resorts, nature’s wonders and to take in the culture, then I don’t know what to tell you. Many are there for young girls. If they are sent there for employment, then the cheap sex is a bonus. It’s a well known thing that people don’t like to discuss openly, in part because many parents are complicit. Some sex workers got their start by being coerced by their parents and guardians, but again, it’s a thing that is taboo to discuss. They will deny it, and Nigerians don’t openly like to discuss anything relating to sex. Here Nigeria is, the largest black population in the world, but they like to pretend that sex isn’t happening. Everyone is “pious” and “moral”. In Nigeria, they knack like rabbits, but it’s always in secret.

A lot of press has been given to places like Thailand and the Philippines with regards to sex tourism in the last decade. African countries are slowly becoming a destination for many Europeans because of the lack of scrutiny and the way people turn a blind eye. These white guys are pretty open and brazen about it because Nigerians treat oyinbo people with respect, and are generally deferential towards foreigners because of their economic situation. In turn, these expats have free reign to run wild and do whatever they like, and they are doing just that.

There was a friend of mine who got in trouble with the police after he intervened in the kind of situation Yagazie talks about. Basically a white man maltreating a Nigerian sex worker at a night club trying to push her into his car, my friend, who is just that kind of person, went off on the man. In the end the police got involved telling him to leave the white man alone as if he was the victim.

Nigerians can really be complicit when it comes to the all wise and powerful oyinbo. It’s ridiculous and needs to stop already. White men have been taking advantage of Nigerian women for centuries.

My first ever encounter with white expats in Lagos was something similar. My family (both sides) are poor and from the countryside, so with the exception of those few who live in the north, the handful who’ve since migrated to the other cities, and the tiny branch who stayed in the diocese after the war forced my mother’s family to flee to Okigwe, there was never much cause to venture to the urban areas of the country. This was just after my grandmother fell seriously ill, just months before we left for London, and my first time back in Nigeria since I was five (we’d been living in Morocco), so I couldn’t have been older than about fourteen.

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Hetero-cis black men won’t get the shit that we get when we speak intimately about the same things that they happen upon… but im sleep…

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TLC || No Scrubs

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Selena || El Chico Del Apartamento 512

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