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is this bare boobs look not the wave tho!?!?!!?!?!?!?! like i see u arlenis


this is a good time to note that if you don’t think trans women are women i’d like you to get the fuck away from my blog

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lowcutcaesar is back!!!


i think it’s just important to know that the actual work of eroding patriarchy, white supremacy, imperialism, capitalism, etc. isn’t easy, convenient or about you all the time. u have to know that the work doesn’t stop so that you can come or be comfortable (and even if you decide to stop, it doesn’t make whatever you are doing a feminist act). i think it’s gross how feminism has been manipulated into a “free to do whatever you want ever no matter what it is as along as you got a frida kahlo pin and a donna haraway quote to go with it” b/c that’s not true. it’s a political identity/stance that comes with very real expectations and consequences on how you take in the world and a dedication to the hard work of transforming our society and lives via the erosion and dismantling of those oppressive forces. it’s not about attaining equal standing with the current fucked up status quo. i always have to remember, and this was a hard lesson for me, but once i really understood what fannie lou hamer meant when she said “if everyone isn’t free, no one’s free” it really helped me start to stop with the self-indulgent popular individualist feminism that sells vibrators and mascara and get to what ida b. wells and audre lorde were writing about. and that was true freedom beyond anything that we could have imagined and working for a better world for our children and their children and not just settling for the unreal trauma and torture that we as a people go through every day. and it’s not easy. it’s not fun all the time and you will always have to fight for what’s right and just. but if you are about the true freedom from these oppressive structures that have a vice on every aspect of how we live, down to how we express intimacy with the people we love and trust most; you gotta do the work…and that work doesn’t stop as soon as u hit the bedroom.

i love audre lorde’s essay on the erotic because it transformed how i looked at freedom and happiness and put into perspective the actual goals of what real love and liberatory connection feels like. 


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the US voted against looking into any alleged war crimes in Gaza, but i also noticed that all of the west european countries chose to abstain instead of voting for it (or mostly likely against it, like the US did)

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